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Welcome to SQLServerReports Project

Features overview

The main purpose of this project is to provide a ready to use set of Transact SQL Stored Procedures to be able to create dba reports from a single script. For convenience, the reports can easily be transformed into portable formats, depending on your needs (pdf, html, ps, rtf, xhtml, chm, latex, dvi). The final goal is to provide a new set of sp_help like procedures for SQL Server.

To have a better overview of the features, have a look at the samples.


Main targetted audience are SQL Server users, with a minimum knowledge. No special technical knowledge i required to use the provided scripts. To convince yourself, have a look at the tutorial section.

This project tools can also be useful for db support, by providind these scripts to a remote user, and then get back an helfully readble report instead of having to ask the user to browse all db server contents like table structures, filegroups, ...


This project is released inder the GPL, so you can use it, in respect of the terms.